About Linton Academy


Hannam Design Factory (HDF), established since March 2019 at Hannam University in Daejeon, is an innovative educational platform based passion based culture, Human centered Design approach and Design Thinking process. One of the most striking features of HDF is its innovative education philosophy and learn by doing mindset with multidisciplinary system. We actively provide solutions to real social and business problems, while reinforcing a collaborative and idea exchange projects among students from diverse backgrounds. HDF supports student-led projects, corporate-issued challenges and sponsorships, a prototyping and learn by doing mindset, collaborative international projects with DFGN, and professional staff and faculty guidance to provide an optimal educational environment.

  • Expanding the creativity of students by utilizing the design thinking process

  • Focus on multidisciplinary team-based projects (Convergence of design-engineering-business)

  • Strengthen internationalization capabilities by conducting joint projects with DFGN