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Innovative Product Development
(IPD) (9 Credits)

Innovative Product Development (IPD) is a design thinking educational program. This program is inspired by international academic-industry projects such as ME310 from Stanford University’s methodology and Product Development Project (PDP) in Aalto. During 15-weeks, multidisciplinary teams that are challenged with a problem by local companies to design a solution. The teams, go through the design thinking process where the interview real people where they identify their problems make various prototypes to reach a potential proof of concept. In the end, the teams present their functional solutions to the companies and teaching team in a final Gala Nigth by the end of the semester.

  • Product Design Progress : Prototype Production

  • Taking the course of “Creative Product Design” is a prerequisite for this class.

  • IPD is the main student’s subject and project so we actively suggest that students really immerse

  • Project progress is weekly checked and mentored by the teaching team and a project coach.

  • Number of Students: 20 (4 Teams)

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